Meet Dorathy Sister That Look Like Her

Dorathy Bachor is a young Nigerian entrepreneur who is a contestant in season five of Big Brother Naija (BBNaija). The beauty came into the limelight during the season premiere of the television reality TV show on 19th July 2020. Since then, she has become a major topic of discussion on different social media sites. That said, many fans have been craving to know more about her.

Dorathy was born in Delta State, Nigeria. At the moment, she is presumed to be 24 years old. Unlike most people, she rarely discloses most of her personal information on social media.

Even so, she is not the only child in her family; this is according to a recently shared throwback iMessage challenge she did with her younger sister. As per the Instagram post, the name of her sister is Ruth Bachor.

Ruth, as per her Instagram bio, is a fashion model. She is currently modeling for ZANE Model Management. In other words, Ruth is not any different from her elder sister (Dorathy), who is also a fashion and beauty enthusiast.

The female BBNaija contestant was raised by disciplinarian parents, especially her father. She recently disclosed that her father was against her participation in the reality competition, for reasons well known to him.

He warned her not to return home once the show comes to an end. Thus, she is willing to go to any length to win the grand prize. Otherwise, she will not be accepted back home, especially by her father

Dorathy’s sister, Cynthia Bachor  was revealed recently when her sister Dorathy retweeted the post she made, she was seen canvassing for her sister Dora on twitter and Instagram .

Cynthia is no doubt a very beautiful young girl and she also got the full chest also like her sister. Below are some of her lovely pictures,

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