Igbos, Home And Diaspora Rejects British Leaders, Says Nnamdi Kanu Is The Only Igbo Leader In Biafra land:

Igbo People Home And Diaspora Rejects British Leaders, Says Nnamdi Kanu Is The Only Igbo Leader In Biafraland:

Igbos especially those in the diaspora have criticized the current movement of British High Commissioner and their leaders emanating from the Nigeria government and politics in Biafraland.

The movement were courageously rejected by the people owing to the corruption of the British leaders in Biafraland.

This was confirmed from an open letter from the Family Writers Press International:

“To The British High Commissioner: Do Not Engage In A Futile Exercise…

The British High Commissioner in Nigeria who is going round Biafra land meeting the so called British Governors, traditional rulers, Civil Society groups, Ohaneze, etc that were imposed on us without our consent should be put on notice that it is a hypocritical move by the Nigeria government. Don’t engage in exercise in futility.

These people are not representing BIAFRANS. They didn’t start the agitation for Biafra. They are not the leaders of Biafra. They are not part of Biafra agitation and even don’t support Biafra freedom. They don’t have power over BIAFRANS. They can’t command the mind and will of the people. The people regard them as their greatest enemies. We Biafrans don’t know them.

Only Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB we know. How can British government come to our land and decide to meet with their own British slaves for a case that is bordering on the indigenous people of Biafra?

Question I have for British government:
How many Governors and traditional rulers from eastern region have you ever seen agitating or asking for Biafra?

Do not be fooled by these people. This is an act of hatred & racism from British government against we Biafrans. Only IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu are our leaders and have power to control the people of Eastern region.

God bless Biafra and those genuinely fighting for her freedom.”

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